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Crossing Woodward is a unique group of talented veteran musicians.  The band's playlist includes hits and rare surprises spanning 5 decades as well as popular numbers from today's top contemporary acts!

Crossing Woodward's performances are designed for and proven to keep a dance floor packed and diverse enough for any musical palate.

No matter the venue or event, Crossing Woodward will bring an energetic presence and an honest enthusiasm guaranteed to provide a great time for all.


Chris Diccion's vocal diversity allows Crossing Woodward to perform a greaty variety of musical styles.  His ability to belt the classic hits of Motown through the 1970's, 80's, 90's and the more modern contemporary hits of today.  Chris is the consummate front man, bringing energy and style to the stage.


Jeremy Swanson has been playing music since he was big enough to crawl up on the piano bench.  With 20 years performance experience in Gospel music and 5 in Funk and Motown, Jeremy brings a unique flavor to Crossing Woodward.  His renowned keyboard skills and soulful voice bring a polish seldom seen in a local rock/dance band.


Jay Fiondella began playing drums at age 11 and has played in various bands on the east coast before moving to Michigan in the early 80's.  He has been a member of some of the top original and cover bands in Metro Detroit for over four decades.

Jay received a DMA (Detroit Music Award) in 2007 as a member of the popular original country act Redhill and is proud to have received an endorsement deal in 2008 with DW Drums.  Jay believes the combined talents and diversity of Crossing Woodward makes this band the ideal choice for live music for any event or venue.


A founding member of Crossing Woodward, Robert Simonian has a long history in music.  After teaching himself to play acoustic and bass guitar in his teens Robert went on to study music theory at Henry Ford Community College in his 20s.  During the 1990s, along with Jay Fiondella, he helped form the original bands Gypsy Reign and Without A Face.  In the early 2000s he played in several cover and blues bands before helping to form Crossing Woodward.


Bill Whalen, our newest member, has been playing guitar since age 8.  Completely self-taught, he has taken inspiration from musical giants like Paul Gilbert, Metallica, Clutch and Joe Satriani.

Although you may recognize him from the local heavy metal scene, Bill brings a wide range musical experience to Crossing Woodward.  From rock and blues to dance and classical, this born and raised metro Detroit boy consistently brings it.  Bill is quickly proving to be an essential member of Crossing Woodward.

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